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Name of Runner (pedigree) Year Race(s)
YANKEE BRAVO (br.g. 2005, Yankee Gentleman -- Vickey Jane x Royal Academy) 2008-P-
YANKEE CHANCE (b.g. 1938, Peace Chance -- Yankee Maid x Peter Pan ) 1941--B
YANKEE LAD (b.c. 1965, Rejected -- Tabarina x The Yuvaraj ) 1968-P-
YANKEE NOTIONS (ch.c. 1910, Yankee -- Fairie Queen x Faustus ) 1913K--
YARROW BRAE (ch.c. 1995, Deputy Minister -- Bally Five x Miswaki ) 1998--B
YAWANNA TWIST (b.c. 2007, Yonaguska -- Twist and Pop x Olivers Twist) 2010-P-
YOMOLKA (ch.c. 1957, Palestinian -- Fancy Bonnet x War Bam ) 1960K--
YONDER (br.c. 1987, Seattle Slew -- Far x Forli ) 1990--B
YOUNG PETER (b.c. 1944, Peanuts -- Mary Jane x Pennant ) 1947--B
YOUR CHANCE (ch.g. 1937, Chance Shot -- Evening x St. James ) 1940-PB
YOUR HOST (ch.c. 1947, Alibhai -- Boudoir II x Mahmoud ) 1950K--
YURUCARI (b.c. 1916, Rockton -- Kennyeto x Clifford ) 1919-P-

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Hopes and History - All the Runners of the American Triple Crown
by Kathleen Irwin and Joy Reeves

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